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Straight from the source: know where your tea is coming from.

There’s a whole lot of honest-tea in our MirMir Organics blends.

So, while you’re sipping away at one of our teas, we encourage you to learn more about how we grow, who we work with, and how we are doing our part to create a more sustainable future for our children.

Our herbs and plants are sourced directly from our family farms in Nepal. Under the guidance of the award-winning organic farmer Prem Bahadur Lama, the Nepalese community, and our team in Melbourne, we draw upon Prem’s knowledge to grow and produce the extensive range of MirMir tea that you see on your shelves.

We listened to our tea-loving audience, and we understand that our environment is something that really matters to you. All of our herbs and plants are grown in Himalayan soil, and are certified organic, as well as wildcrafted. This meaning that they are grown in nutrient-dense soils with nothing artificial, no chemicals, and no pesticides in sight. Things like additives and flavour enhancers can be detrimental to your overall health. That’s why we are 100% natural. No nasties.

Once our herbs have grown, we harvest! We work with local communities in Nepal to use traditional methods for picking, ensuring quality and flavour. This part of the process creates jobs within the Nepalese community, as well as creating income for them. With the support of the Nepalese government, our harvesting process protects the land, as we are aware of the impacts that carelessness can have on our land, and our ecosystem.

Once we have harvested, under the guidance of Prem, we undergo a rigorous testing and quality control phase to ensure that only the finest ingredients are then used in our tea bags. These pyramid tea bags are also environmentally-friendly! They are biodegradable as well as commercially compostable.

See, there is so much inside that little tea bag in your cup!