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Our Products

Eco-friendly herbal products and tea blends made by people who care

Where our ingredients come from

We’re an Australian company and we work with local farmers in Nepal to source premium ingredients for our products.

Every plant and herb has its own specific growing needs. Some are grown in the Himalayan Mountains where it’s nice and cold. Others in the valleys and flatlands of Western Nepal where it’s much warmer.

There are 3 important factors that make our products premium:

  1. Organic, nutrient-dense soil ensures the herbs and plants are healthy and nutritious.
  2. Weather. Some plants grow better in hot climates, others need cold weather.
  3. Timing is crucial – herbs and plants need to be picked at the right time, so they taste perfect.


How our Herbal Teas are made

Our herbal teas are made using traditional Nepalese harvesting methods. We don’t mass produce. This is why our herbs are of high quality and full of flavour.


Our production process

  • All our herbs are grown in certified organic soil or wildcrafted.
  • We only use natural and organic fertilizers. No nasty chemicals or pesticides.
  • Herbs are grown in nutrient-dense soil at an optimum temperature.
  • Our wildcrafted herbs are collected from the community forrest and we take utmost care not to damage the eco-system. We do this with approval from the Nepalese government.
  • We handpick all our herbs when they’re just right.
  • Herbs are dried at a low temperature to preserve nutrients and natural aroma.
  • We only select the best parts of the herbs.
  • Each tea bag undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure it’s perfect.

We give back to the local community

We’re a socially responsible company. One of our goals is to give back to the community and improve the lives of locals.


Prem Lama has trained over 500 farmers in 9 different regions in Nepal, teaching them how to farm organically and make the best of their land. This has created more jobs and income for the local people. We promote ecosystem-based farming and work with the government to drive sustainable production methods.