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Introducing MirMir Organics: The rich history behind the organic tea brand bringing unique Nepalese blends to Australia

MirMir Organics was founded with a goal to create a brand of herbal teas that taste great and are beneficial to the body.

To achieve this goal, we worked alongside Prem Lama, an award-winning organic farmer based in Nepal to produce our teas. Here’s a little bit of his back story: Prem fell ill and made the decision to leave the main city of Nepal in favour of the country in a bid to improve his health. It was here that he started his family farm, where it took 4-5 years to get the soil healthy again. Eventually, Prem started growing organic vegetables and simultaneously advocating for organic health. He employed local people at his farm, providing them with an income and is renowned and well-respected in Nepal for his social entrepreneurship. He was even awarded a prestigious Social Enterprise award from the Government.

We have combined Prem’s skills and knowledge of organic farming to produce a range of healthy herbal teas. Grown in pristine Himalayan soil, our certified organic and wildcrafted herbs are handpicked and harvested using traditional methods to ensure quality and flavour. We grow our herbs in the correct climate and pick them at the right time so they taste perfect. Some of our herbs are grown in the Himalayan Mountains where it’s nice and cold, and others in the valleys and flatlands of Western Nepal where it’s much warmer.

Here at MirMir, we pride ourselves on being a socially-responsible and eco-friendly company. We work with communities in Nepal to farm and produce our teas, creating jobs and income for locals. We promote ecosystem-based farming and work alongside the government to drive sustainable production methods.

We’re so excited to share our teas with the world and that starts with you! We can’t wait for you to try our unique teas from our signature Tulsi blend, to our Guduchi or Triphala…there’s five delicious blends available – order yourself a box (or two!) here.