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How to have the perfect self-care day!

Some days, you just need a day to yourself. We think the weekend is the perfect time to relax and spend a few hours doing what you want to do, to make you feel good. Here are a few of our suggestions on how to have a lovely day.

Journal in the morning

When you wake up, instead of reaching for your phone, reach for a journal. Did you have an eventful dream last night? Jot it down. If not, spend 15 minutes journaling about your life at the moment, and how you think you could make your day a great one.

Make yourself your favourite breakfast.

Not all breakfasts have to be healthy. Life is there to be enjoyed! If you feel like pancakes – make them! If you feel like a smoothie – blend it! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for setting your day in a good direction. Plus, pancakes are especially delicious.

Go on a walk.

Enjoy the crisp air of the morning, and early sunshine, by heading for a walk. If you’ve got a pet, they’ll be especially grateful for a walk (or run!). Head to your nearest walking trail, or if you’re lucky enough to live near the beach or a park, we recommend heading someplace like that.

Take a bath.

Baths can be especially healing for the soul. There’s just something so relaxing about laying in a deep pool of hot water, and letting time pass by with no technology and just the silence that surrounds you. If you’re feeling brave – bring a book in the bath (but don’t drop it!).

Get colouring or drawing.

You might think drawing is just something for kids, but drawing or colouring in can be especially therapeutic for adults too. Have you tried Mandala Colouring? We recommend heading to a newsagent or retailer where you can pick up a Mandala colouring in a book, plus some colourful new pens or pencils!

Make some tea.

With all of our suggestions above, we recommend having a cup of MirMir Organics tea. Our tea is incredibly restorative and will make you feel wonderful.


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