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About Us

Organic teas & herbal products to uplift and nourish your mind and body

Who we are

MirMir Organics is an Australian company, founded in 2018 out of a love for organic farming and herbal teas. Our goal was to create a brand of organic teas and herbal products that taste great and are beneficial to the body.

All our herbs and plants are sourced directly from our family farms in Nepal. We work alongside the award-winning organic farmer, Prem Bahadur Lama, in Nepal. We’ve combined his skills and knowledge to produce a range of healthy teas and herbal products.

Our products are made with certified organic and wildcrafted herbs and plants. They are 100% pure and natural with no additives or flavour enhancers. Grown in pristine Himalayan soil, our herbs and plants are handpicked and harvested using traditional methods to ensure quality and flavour. We’re a socially-responsible and eco-friendly company. We work with communities in Nepal to farm and produce our products, creating jobs and income for locals.

Sustainability is important to us. With support from the Nepalese government, we harvest our wildcrafted herbs sustainably, ensuring the ecosystem doesn’t get damaged. We don’t compromise on quality. You can trust us to make your cup of tea an enjoyable one!

The meaning of MirMir

MirMir means Dawn. In Nepal, this is a sacred time of the day as it’s the transition from night to day. It’s also the time when most people wake up.

Drinking tea at MirMir is a Nepalese ritual and locals say it’s the best way to start the day.

We’d love you to enjoy a cup at MirMir with one of our refreshing blends.

Our values


Quality: To consistently produce high quality products with premium herbs and plants.

Integrity: We’re open and honest about the herbs we use and guarantee our herbal teas are 100% certified organic.

Sustainability: The environment is important to us and we work hard to preserve it, not cause further damage.

How our products are made

Why we’re different

  • Australian owned and operated. We’re an independent company based in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • A family business. Our herbs and plants are sourced directly from our family farms across Nepal.
  • Certified organic and wildcrafted. Our herbs and plants are grown in nutrient-dense soils with no chemicals or pesticides.
  • Unique blends. We’ve chosen herbs that work synergistically and complement each other, making the flavour pop in your mouth.
  • Superior taste. We ensure the temperature, soil and harvest time of our herbs and plants is just right so they taste delicious.
  • 100% pure and natural. No nasty additives or flavour enhancers to play havoc with your health.
  • Quality products. We operate rigorous testing and quality control to make sure our products are perfect.
  • Eco-friendly. We care about the environment so all our products are made sustainably.
  • Socially responsible. We support local communities in Nepal, creating jobs and revenue for residents.

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If you have any questions about our range of delicious teas,
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